Here’s a light-hearted view about life in general and Goan life in particular. We have been in Goa for almost 18 years as i pen this. And Goa, despite the bad press, has a unique signature lifestyle. We (my wife and I) are glad we walked out on a corporate life and moved into an old Portuguese bungalow that overlooks the end of the stream. For 10 years, I wrote, played music, practiced yoga, stared, gossiped and let the days unfold on their own terms.

In my 11th year, i joined Goa Institute of Management and became a professor of Marketing, Creativity and Innovation. But these writings are from those 10 years of creative hiatus.

Maybe the following articles have captured a glimpse of what we discovered from 2000 to 2010.

Seriously Funny | The Bulbul Chronicles