Sweet Moron

I called her up at midnight

To say I can’t go on

She told me I should be asleep

Then she called me Sweet Moron


I called her back at 1 am

To tell her life is hard

She told me I remind her of

The neighborhood retard


I told her Life is cruel

And wisdom comes with pain

She raised her voice to fever pitch

With “What’s that? Come again”



So I’m goin to wade into the sea

Till my body can’t go on

And leave a note behind that says

“Yours truly, Sweet Moron”

Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh


I asked her if she loved me

She smiled and gave a sigh

And told me she’d be happy to

If I could only tell her why


I asked her if she’d meet me

At a fast food down the street

She told me since she had a choice

She’d rather starve than eat




I asked her if she’d marry me

So we could make a start

She told me, “bad enough we’re friends

For God’s sake, have a heart”


I asked her to be gentle

And treat me with concern

She told me to hold on a bit

She could smell the dinner burn


So I told her I would end it all

With a blade across my wrist

She told me not to be a fool

I could die of tetanus





Still Life

(Still Life) Aphrodisia

There’s a dent upon the pillow where you lay

An aphrodisia by Faberge

There’s a panty hose that’s laddered on the chair

And the biting chill of winter in the air


There are silver cobwebs dancing in the sun

Faded jeans with stitches that have run

There’s a print of Van Gogh hanging in the hall

And flaking paint that’s peeling off the wall


There’s a silver thread of morning in the air

There are footsteps without courage on the stair

There’s a shadow fading slowly in the sun

There is mercy in the barrel of a gun



Down by the Sea

(Arranged by Dileep (aka AR Rahman)

Verse 1:

It’s a strange story you could not have heard
Of a raven that fell in love with a bird
She came from the North where winter was cruel
She came to his land to find winter fuel
But he should have known his love was absurd
‘Cause he was a raven and she was a bird.


Down, down down by the sea where the waters are gray
And the fish cannot see
There’s a raven, who’s scanning the empty blue sky
He’s calling and calling oh soon he should die.

Verse 2:
When the North shed its winter she got ready to go
He said will you come back she said I don’t know
So he watched until she was a speck in the sky
He thought he should wait there he didn’t know why.


Verse 3:

Two summers had flown it took one more to bring
The breaking of air by the clap of her wings
The beach was all bare as the back of a hand
But she found some black feathers and bones in the sand
So she picked up a feather and took to the sky
There was nobody there to call out good-bye
Ah there was nobody there to call out good bye.