It’s True

When I was much younger

I loved a maiden and she loved me too

Daga daga daga

The sky was of paper

and the moon was of metal

It’s true


Ch 1: We climbed up a mountain

We rummaged the sky

We found a beach where

The whales go to cry




We feasted on plankton

We stumbled on seaweed

It’s true

We ruffled the storm clouds

And taunted the lightning

It’s true


Ch 2: She blew me a kiss

Filled with starlings and tears

She uncaged my raven

I unhinged her fears


When I grew much older

And she grew much colder

I knew

That meanings keep changing

Though rivers keep raging

It’s true


He lay on a pyre with his eyes looking dead

With fragments of metaphors stuck in his head




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