Corporate Ladder

The air is thin here
thin as arrowroot.

No one answers by name
strange codes exist, semantics is a weapon
and meanings are shuffled by the minute.

A square has many angles
straight lines always meet at infinity.

Talent is a taxi cab
and necrosis is contagious.

All to one end:
A lead role in a corporate pantomime.

You can be:
A fierce but lisping despot;
A mad marshmallow;

A commde
A yardstick that grows like a penis;
Or any exciting orifice that works for you;

Mother Teresa;
The Fort Knox;
Orb the holy Roman Pontiff;

A demon with his sexual organ for a mouth;
An incubator?;
Or a housefly.

Until the final curtain fall.
Then “fade to black“.


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