Inside my head

I cannot get out of my head
I never will until I’m dead
I live inside with waves of fear
I see no one ‘cause there’s no one here.

I am not him, I am not she
Inside my head I’m not even me
Outside my head I’m not so sure
I just can’t take this anymore.

In my head are little niches
It’s where i hold my sanity with stiches
I see no window, I see no door
Just a blade of light where the darkness hitches.

Who am I and who are you
Everyday I’m someone new
I’ve got to try and stay the same
No matter what my real name.

Sweet jesus, get me outta here
You know my every smallest fear
I’m afraid to live, I’m afraid to die
So be a pal, don’t let me fry.

I know one day I’ll just slip out
Without a word without a shout
Maybe I’ll see the frigging light
And then there’ll be no left or right.


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